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Volkswagen CarPlay Android Auto Mirror Link - Installations ENG-Custom customize the car
  • Volkswagen CarPlay Android Auto Mirror Link - Installations ENG-Custom customize the car

Volkswagen CarPlay Android Auto Mirror Link

Integrated module that activates the Android Auto & Apple Carplay, Mirror Link, ENG-Custom Installations functions Customize the car with the possibility of inserting a rear and / or front camera and 360 cameras

OEM operation via controller, steering wheel controls and touch

The module is automatically recognized by the system, no software activation required in the vehicle


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• This interface allows you to use Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirroLink technologies in your car

• The smartphone interface function allows you to connect your mobile device to the car and access content and applications directly from the vehicle's touchscreen display.

• When a mobile device with iOS or Android operating systems (iOS 7.1 or higher, Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher) connects to the USB port of the device, its content can be viewed in a separate menu.

• This newly conceived menu offers a flat design, reminiscent of that of smartphones, and a more intelligent and simple use logic, replacing the classic static and hierarchical tree.

• Depending on the operating system, various Bluetooth connectivity are available for telephony management:

• In the case of Carplay, the telephony function is always active

• In the case of Android Auto, the telephony function can only be used in combination with the vehicle's bluetooth hands-free system, if available

• The Screen mirroring function allows you to duplicate via the contents displayed on the screen of the Android smartphone (via USB cable) / iPhone (via WiFi in Airplay) on the on-board monitor of the car • moreover, through the use of the dedicated App for Android systems "EasyConnection", which can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store, it is also possible to use the vehicle interactively through the controls of the car, as well as the personalization of the contents that can be recalled from the same

• The USB Multimedia playback function allows you to use files of different formats (APE, WAV, FLAC, MP3, WMA, etc.) stored in a USB key

• Just access via the USB icon to play music, videos and HD definition images without data loss

• The rear and front camera and 360 function allows you to install any NTSC video format rear view camera in the car in the rear and / or front of the vehicle with the following features:

• Rear camera: PDC (Parking Distance Control) and FPG (Flexible Parking Guidelines)

• 360 cameras 360 management module (optional) and side cameras required

• Front camera: automatic display when shifting from "R" gear (timed) or by manual activation by clicking on the "DVR" icon (permanent)



• The Wireless function may not be available for all phones and varies depending on the operating system firmware, so please contact your phone manufacturer. Connectivity via USB cable is always guaranteed if original cables are used.

• If the phone is connected via USB cable (or alternatively via wireless) to the interface, the use of the telephony function via Carplay or Android Auto has priority over the bluetooth hands-free system installed in the vehicle

• The transmission of the audio contents for the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto function is obtained via the AUX-In or bluetooth input of the vehicle, no possibility of simultaneous use with other vehicle audio sources (eg: radio)

• The integration of the CarPlay & Android Auto module and screen mirroring is generally possible on all the vehicle models indicated, however we recommend checking the compatibility with your car by making a request with the chassis number and photo of the radio / monitor on the mail shop @ eng-custom.com BEFORE placing your order.

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