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RAPID FR per Alfa Romeo Giulia Stelvio

RAPID FR per Alfa Romeo Giulia Stelvio

RAPID FR, a module dedicated to the accelerator pedal.

Rapid FR BT is a compact but highly technological pedal module that can be managed remotely via the App in its bluetooth version.

Easy to install thanks to the PLUG & PLAY wiring

This module is already configured for Alfa Romeo Giulia / Stelvio Diesel and Petrol, ideal for recovering lost pedal maps if DNA + RACE mode is enabled.

Rapid FR does not provide increases in power and torque, but modifies the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal, thus allowing you to adapt the response of the vehicle to your driving style through four modes with seven adjustment steps each, you can create your own setting in real time

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LIMIT mode includes ECO and VALET settings. LIMIT ECO makes the delivery of the engine smoother to offer a more efficient drive both with a view to reducing fuel consumption and for driving in adverse weather conditions. LIMIT VALET reduces the functionality of the pedal in four steps, passing from the decrease in performance to the total cancellation of the pedal action.

With the CITY mode it is possible to maintain the vehicle's response unaltered when driving in traffic, offering superior reactivity when more power is required. In fact, the modification of the pedal response takes place only beyond a predetermined percentage, keeping the operation at partial loads unchanged.

SPORT mode enhances the responsiveness to the accelerator along the entire stroke of the pedal, obtaining a more aggressive response from the engine at the same pressure. Ideal for vehicles that lack thrust at low revs or to increase driving pleasure.

With RACE mode, the RAPID FR module offers maximum responsiveness to throttle controls. The delivery curve is anticipated in order to obtain an immediate response of the vehicle with a reduced pressure of the pedal.

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